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720 N. Tamiami Trail Nokomis, FL 34275

We've Got Cat-itude!
What is a CAT FRIENDLY practice?


Cats are not small dogs!  And Brandt Veterinary Clinic is committed to caring for cats in a way you and your cat will appreciate.   How?  Well, at BVC, cats have their own clinic entrance, their own waiting area, their own exam room, and their own resort!  Our technical and animal care staff undergoes 20 hours of gentle handling techniques training so cats are more comforable, and  the exam is gentle and low-stress.  With each exam, your cat even gets a kitty massage, and we teach you how to make visits to our clinic easier!  At Brandt Veterinary Clinic, we understand cat behavior and know cat's special personality, social structure, likes and dislikes.

Have you said to yourself..............?

  • Cats are self-suffient
  • Cats are naturally healthier than dogs
  • Only outside cats have health problems
  • When my cat is sick, he'll display visible signs so I'll know
  • Visits to the veterinarian are more stressfull for cats than dogs

And, did you know, inside and outside cats can get...............?               

     Pancreatitis......inflammatory bowel disease.... heartworms.... chlamydia.... retinal disease.... 
              cancer.... kidney disease.... fatty liver disease.... corneal ulcers.... diabetes.....
                         thyroid disease.....respiratory infection.... gum disease..... asthma....
                                       bladder infections.... epilepsy.... blood disease... 
                                                nasal polyps.... allergies... glaucoma...
                                                                 behavioral problems...

                                 and peeing outside the litter box is not normal!


It's about time cats got the respect they deserve!  We'll take you and your cat on a gentle journey to health with surprising tidbits that will make your cat happier, and relationship with your cat stronger.  Through preventative care and regular veterinary visits, we'll uncover health concerns before they become bigger and more costly, and enhance your cat's quality of life for years to come.














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